This documentation familiarises you with the CRUD operation of transaction and patient records, inventory control and receipt generation when using Dispense.

Patient Record

New Patient:

Navigate to New Patient. Create an entry for a new patient by filling in the fields (Case Code, Age and Contact number are mandatory).

Update Patient Information:

Navigate to Existing Patient. Choose a patient from the Patient List (it may take a while to load the list). Update the Information under the Personal Information section.

Transaction Record

Create Transaction Entry:

Under the Transaction Record section, click the Add new Button. You can add or remove any drug items when necessary. The total paid amount will be calculated automatically but you can overwrite it if a customer pays a wrong amount.

Update or Delete Transaction Record:

You can modify or delete existing records.

Print Transactions:

Every transaction is printable in PDF format.

Inventory Control

Drug Item CRUD Operations:

You can perform CRUD operations on drug items in the pharmacy. Available Quantity shows the real-time quantities of your drug items in stock. It changes accordingly with every update/creation/deletion of patients' transaction records.


When you dispense a drug item which can be sourced from different suppliers, each having different a pack size and price, you can use this calculator to compute the best drug deal. For example, you have to dispense 700 Aspirin 80mg tablets and there are three packsizes available, namely 100($200), 500($500) , 10($30) tablets. The best deal (lowest price for procuring at least 700 tablets) would be to purchase 500 tablets x 2 and 100 tablets x 1.